Why Our Intuition Sometimes Doesn’t Work

I spoke to a student of mine and she expressed her bewilderment that her intuition seemed to be failing her.  No matter what she tried, she couldn’t tap in.  Can your intuition be “off” one day and back in full form another?  Quick answer… yes.  The longer answer involves some explanation.

There are many reasons why our intuition can be dull or void.  We may be using intuition actively for days, month, years.  Then one day or in one situation, it feels as if it disappeared.  Some obvious reasons include life stress, physical stress, and environmental stress.  Some not-so-obvious reasons include intent, judgement, and fear.

When it comes to the obvious reasons it’s simple.  Are you moving homes?  Changing jobs?  Fighting with others?  If so, then your mind’s focus is pinpointed on the human experience.  When the stress lifts, you will see a return of ease in using your intuition.  This is not something to worry about.  It simply means right now, right here, you are focused on this life and not the energetic environment.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  After all, we are here for the human experience.

Now, for the not so obvious reasons.  Are you tapping in intuitively around something you care about or in regards to a particular person you care about?  Are you asking your intuition to give you answers about something that you are judging or are frustrated about?  If so, do not put money down on the answer you get!  Our intent, our judgement and fear, can get in the way of accurate intuitive information.  As much as we would like to think we can separate ourselves from intent, it can still sneak in.  Start by asking your intuition questions while holding yourself in the space of not caring about the outcome.  Work harder at stepping out of the situation emotionally before asking questions.  If you do this… your accuracy rate will increase.  Be okay with the answer.  Know that a path is just a path.

Lastly, let’s not forget that we are guided intuitively.  Occasionally, that guidance brings us somewhere we don’t want to be.  But just because we don’t want to be there, doesn’t mean it isn’t for our highest good!  Always look for the lesson.  It will ease any discomfort you find when your intuition brings you to what you feel is a wrong turn.

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