Why is Intuition So Important?

Countless years ago we existed in a much more natural state than we do now.  We functioned off the land and used our intuition consistently.  Today, we follow the television, advice from others, the GPS, the psychic hotline, or the internet all for our answers.  Imagine if you didn’t have to consult “Psychic Chloe” for answers, or plug an address into the GPS to find your way.  Well, you’d have to rely on your instincts.  Instincts is just another word for intuition, and living on instincts is living intuitively.

I’m an example that it’s possible to live intuitively and I regularly teach others to live intuitively as well.  No, I don’t get the directions right every time, but more often than not my life unfolds wonderfully right before my eyes.  Intuition is trust and faith, not necessarily in a higher power, but in yourself. When you use your intuition naturally, as a tool to guide yourself, you find your life to be smoother and more enjoyable. The lows are not so low, and the highs are really exciting!  There are countless moments I can remember where there were instant benefits from using my intuition.  I located my husband at Christmas time in a crowded mall without a cell phone.  I decided not to partner with a business associate only to discover if I would have, it would have been a large financial mistake!  I purposely lingered too long at an intersection because it felt wrong to move, and moments later watched a speeding car fly through the stop sign in front of me (that example shook me a bit).

Using your intuition is priceless!  Honing it is not as hard as you may think.  Not using your intuition is like dining at a fine restaurant and not having taste buds!  Embracing it provides you with experiences that benefit your life and it brings fresh excitement to the potential that is all around you.  Even if it’s just testing the waters to see if you really can affect your life, try using your intuition more often and open up to the possibilities.  Everyone is intuitive and everyone can develop their psychic abilities.  Hone them and enjoy the benefits, for there are many!
For more information on how to hone your abilities… click here.

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