“Why Don’t You Just Tell Me What to Do!”

I meet a lot of people on my path.  Many come to me because they are searching for direction.  It makes sense.  Isn’t that human nature?   Don’t we all want to know where we will end up?  In some unique cases, people have settled into the freedom of not caring what happens next.  They experience the bliss of being surprised when the next event unfolds.  Most people however, have wrapped themselves around the “Freaked Out, I Gotta Know What the Outcome Will Be” pole.

This is where a reading can be helpful.  But, there is a common misconception out there I’d like to address.  Some people expect solid, detailed, step-by-step instructions to their lives.  They expect their loved ones and spirit guides to tell them to get a job at Taco Bell on 5th street next Tuesday at 3 PM.  The reality however is that more often than not, the guides speak about your strengths, remind you who you really are, and point out aspects of you that come together to create your greatness.  They are not concerned with what company you will work for.  They are more concerned with the type of work you do and how it speaks to your soul and to the community as a whole.  If you are stuck, they are going to speak very specifically about why you are stuck, what is blocking you, what habits you need to shed and which habits you’ve been putting off that you need to get off your rear and start (giggling as I type… the yoga schedule is running through my mind and I REALLY gotta get back to it).

Anywho… the only person that should tell you what to do is yourself.  The only person who should tell you which direction to take is you.  Don’t hand that power over to anyone else.  I say quite frequently, “Don’t make a decision based on what a Medium tells you.”  Kind of an odd statement coming from a Medium hey?  Well, it’s a true one.  A Medium can give you direction and tell you what is potential in your future.  They can point out very specific things in your life that you need to work on or shift.  A Medium can remind you of those things you have avoided thinking about and offer you a different viewpoint that helps you to move forward.  Yes, they can tell you the best time to make a move or new options that you hadn’t yet thought of.  But in the end, you have this beautiful thing about you… you have free will.  Free will is the color in your coloring book.  We may have come down here with blank coloring pages, but at least we get to pick the colors we put on them!

So, to sum up, I’m not going to tell you the exact color to use in your coloring book called life.  I usually tell you the best shade, or point out that you’re coloring too much outside the lines (or that you need to start coloring outside the lines MORE), but the page is yours to color.  The journey is yours.  It is your job to follow your heart and take the leaps you need to take.  Come to see me, chat for a while, that’s fine… I love the work I do.  Go home with a ton of input from the other side, from your loved ones and guides.  They will say a lot, they always do.  They love to give details!  But in the end, the direction of your life is in the most important hands it can be, yours.

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