Solutions to the Elephant Story

I read a lot of blogs that bring up the old story of the elephant and the rope. Simplified it is this… elephant trainers are able to control a grown elephant with just a small bit of rope tied around its leg. This is because elephants captured as babies are restrained by rope, of which they cannot break free. In time, the baby decides to stop struggling against the rope and gives up. It grows up thinking it cannot escape. Thus, a small rope around the now grown elephant’s leg is all you need to keep it in captivity.

It is telling, and a very good example, that if a grown elephant can be controlled by a tiny rope, then we can be controlled by our own beliefs as well. I have found countless people comparing this ‘elephant and the rope’ story to our human lives. However, very few offer solutions.

Guess what comes next. Yep, solutions.

The most effective solution I have found is a combination of awareness and practices. Awareness can be difficult, but it is so worth it. It is in awareness you are able to truly decide if you can and want to change. And, it is the practice you establish in that awareness that causes the change you desire.

For example, it is one thing to say you want to stop being a victim. It’s another to actually understand why you hold a victim mentality. To actually see your victim status for what it really is. To see the small rope you once believed was a five ton chain. Another example… it is one thing to say you wish your intuition was open and thriving. It’s another to actually understand why you block it. To actually see your blocks for what they really are. To see the small rope you once believed was a five ton chain.

Next, comes practices. Now that you are aware of the situation, find that new routine that helps you move forward and past the situation. Allow the practice to shift old beliefs and behaviors. Meditate, write, de-clutter, meet with a therapist, exercise, organize, or simply sit in gratitude each day. See your practices as a gift. Something you give yourself because you love yourself.

So, what makes you tick? What are the hidden agendas going on in your mind? What is beneath it all? Pick a behavior. Then challenge it. Look deep and stay curious until you see clearly why it is you do the behavior. Then, take action!

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