The World is Ending… or is it?

This is the month.  The big one.  The one where it all supposedly ends.  We have been listening to prophets and spiritual leaders for the last few years warn us that the big day is coming… December 21st, 2012.  I have heard everything from movie-like large-scale destruction, to economic collapse leaving us chewing on plants and building huts, to aliens coming to claim the chosen ones and destroy the rest of us.  Yeah… I assume I’m in the destroyed category (I’d have a hard time leaving people behind for an alien spaceship ride).  But in the end, much of this is hype.  Pop-culture sensationalism slaughtering what is really going on… a transformation of beauty.

The Mayans believed that the universe is destroyed and then recreated at the start of each universal cycle.  The calculations of these universal cycles can be complicated and for this blog, we will suffice to say we are facing a pivot point of a universal cycle this December.  But it doesn’t mean the destruction of our existence.  It means the end of a pattern.  To be more precise, it means a recreation of our awareness.

Over the next few years you will see more and more people connecting directly to the source instead of needing a middle man to talk to their higher power.  It will soon be a thing of the past to blindly follow like sheep.  Leaders will take new roles as guides, not shepherds.  Students will step up to learn by experience, not simply through books.  Families will regard each other through love, not obligation.  As a species we will empower, with acceptance, our individuals to hold up our communities.  It will take time, just as other big changes in our culture have.  So, end of the world?  No.  December 21st this year is simply a mark of time, centered in a large bell curve of spiritual awareness!

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