The Jewish Woman and the Nazi

I’d like to review two readings I have done.  These readings helped me understand the connection between those who hurt and those who have been hurt.  A lesson in compassion and unconditional love through time.  It left me
speechless (not an easy task).  Let me begin with the readings…

Reading #1 – This reading was done a few years ago.  A male spirit came
through.  He was a soldier in Germany before Hitler’s reign.  When Hitler came into power, the man was forced to join Hitler’s Army.  He was required to do the horrible deeds that were expected of him.  If not,  his family would pay a terrible price, death.  To save the ones he loved, he chose to follow.  He stood before me in his uniform just long enough to explain his military choices, and then quickly transformed into regular clothing.  It was a clear message.  He did not want to be identified only by his military experiences.  At the time, I was deeply touched by this different perspective of Hitler’s army.

(before) Reading #2 – Fast forward a year later… it started at about 3 am.  I woke up to smoke filling my bedroom.  I couldn’t get a full breath of air.  I was terrified the house was on fire.  Seconds later I blinked and the smoke was gone.  Regardless of the clear air, I continued to have a difficult time breathing.  I looked around for a spirit, but the room was empty.  The best I could do is open my window and let the cold air come in.  Needless to say, it was a very long night.  When I finally got up for the day, I sat up to see a female spirit in her late 70’s, gray hair pulled back into a bun, standing at the foot of my bed.  She apologized for the breathing and told me she was related to my first client that day.  She then left the room.  I did my best to go about my day until I could check in with my client as to who this elderly woman was.  The client explained to me it was his great-grandmother on his mom’s side.  She was Jewish and in Germany during the Nazi reign.  She experienced fires and being smoked out of multiple homes.  Once my client clarified that he knew her, it was back to regular breathing for me.  Whew!

When the reading was over, I said goodbye to my client and prepared for my next reading.  I began clearing the space energetically, thanking and asking the loved ones from the previous reading to leave so the loved ones for the next reading could come in.  Regardless of my efforts, the female spirit from the first reading, the one who experienced being smoked out of houses in Germany, refused to leave.  Before I could ask her why, a second spirit joined us, a male spirit.  It took a moment, but I soon recognized him as the man from the reading a year earlier, the soldier in the Nazi army.  There I stood, with the Jewish woman and the Nazi, together in my room.  He looked at the woman while he spoke very simply to me.  “See what she went through, that is what I was forced to do.  Look at the pain I caused.”  I knew in that moment he may not have known this woman personally, but to him she symbolized what he had done to people during his time under Hitler.  He looked at her with deep sorrow and she looked back at him with unconditional love, and understanding.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I was able to witness a moment where one soul recognized how they hurt another by participating in a bigger event.  More importantly, I witnessed unconditional love in its perfection.

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