General Testimonials

  • Brenda Mackay writes...

    “You know Beau………I have felt like I can conquer the world since Tuesday night. I am happier than I have been in so many years it’s almost scary! I have told everyone I had seen about you and our conversation with my so loved cousin, Juanita. My time with you has given me back my life that has been missing for 14 years…………you can’t begin to imagine what that means to me. You are an amazing woman. For me you are proof that the universe does pick the right person for the right job.”

  • Julie G. writes...

    “I really enjoyed meeting you tonight. I want to thank you for your kindness and patience. I am feeling more positive and confident now. You are not only talented but a warm and engaging person to be around. I look forward to seeing you again!”

  • Deb H. writes...

    “Isabeau has a gift of communicating to those who have crossed over. There is simply no other plausible explanation in the depth of knowledge revealed to her and that she can bring to all who engage her. After meeting with Beau, I have referred her to many who have found validation and the awareness of peace “knowing” they are still with us. I attended her class and it has started to open many doors for me. I would encourage anyone who is in need of the release of a struggle to engage her.”

  • Patrice writes...

    “Beau, I read your book in ONE day. I want to thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Since the loss of my daughter Evie, I have been struggling with just about everything. My experience with you in person and reading how you got to be where you are, has helped me start to understand our loss and opened me up to a whole new way of thinking spiritually. I feel I am slowly climbing out of this dark hole and want you to know how much you helped me. Thank you for spreading your light.”

  • Lorna L. writes...

    “Beau and I work together on paranormal investigations. However, the most memorable account which I would like to share is the time she “read” for us remotely at an investigation. Normally, I will follow Beau around with a camera as she reads our environment (which we have been able to validate with amazing results after reviewing all the evidence and antidotes). On this particular investigation though, Beau needed to be home so we had her psychically read through me via cell phone as I walked the scene. She was able to lead me through the rooms and it was like she could see right through my eyes. The results were astounding and she really takes her “mediumship” to a whole new level.”

Spiritual Clearing Testimonials

  • Anna, Newburyport, MA writes...

    “Dear Beau, We had the best night sleep in MONTHS maybe years. We feel amazing. All my pain is gone and I am feeling energy like never before. The space is light and clear and I am at peace. And, another client commented that it felt cleaner in here today. THANK YOU! We are so happy to know you.”

  • David Crader writes...

    “First of all, I know some of you will be skeptical about this post, and rightly so. There are a myriad of television shows, both good and bad, that exploit the paranormal. As a society we are taught that ghosts and spirits aren’t real and are just figments of our imagination. I was told that as a child, and I’ve told that to my own kids in years past. I can tell you though, after having gone through this….ordeal….that I will never dismiss the feeling, notion, etc. of paranormal phenomenon again. I want to tell you how things went when Isabeau Esby, Psychic Medium, visited last night. Well, she wasn’t there physically, but she WAS there.

    (From long distance) She was able to accurately describe the outside, both front and back, of our house. She was able to determine things that no one could ever know, or look up online about the house. Details such as an addition to the original house, the fact that one room out of all of the rooms is on a slightly different level than the rest, etc. Needless to say, off of her describing the property and house alone, I was hanging on every word…and she had only just begun!!

    Our youngest daughter, Hannah, felt like she was crazy or delusional because of things she was experiencing. She went so far as to, at seven years old, ask us if we would call a psychiatrist because she thought she might be crazy. When you read the things that had been going on, you may be able to see why she would think that. After all, it’s not an everyday occurrence to have the spirits of children that died at an old hospital across the street from our house to be hanging out in her room feeding off of her energy. Or for the other…mean, ugly, nasty, negative spirit that came there because of the same energy and because of the spirit children.
    Out of respect for my family, and for Isabeau, I am not going to give sordid details of the background of the spirits or what she did or how she did it, but suffice it to say that for the first time since September my daughter was the joy filled little girl she had once been and for the first time since we moved into that house in May, we ALL felt better.

    I will share the fact that the spirit of my grandmother is with my family, and that was so incredibly awesome to hear. To know that she still wants to watch over my kids and Christie and I and keep us as safe and happy as she can instead of crossing over…its just very powerful and re-affirms the love for me that I know she had. To know that even in the afterlife, she puts me before herself, is incredible. I’ve always wondered when she died…with me not being able to be there with her…if she knew how much she meant to me…if she knew how much I would miss her…if she knew…just…if she knew. Now I know she does know. That, in and of itself, was miraculous to me.

    In summation, know this – that Isabeau Esby is the 110% genuine article and she can do awesome and wonderful things. Our home is now clear and our family is able to live peacefully. A very kind, and loving new friend of mine Nancy put us in touch with each other. I owe just as much to Nancy as I do to Beau. I hope that Hannah is able to work with Beau in the future to help her realize her potential and how to use the very special gifts she has been given.”

Transition Guide Testimonials

  • Antje S. Bourdages, Paralegal writes...

    “My grandfather was a physicist; a stoic German scientist recruited by and brought to the United States from Germany by NASA in 1945.  My grandfather loved everything scientific, and would write in mathematical formulae just because he could.  While he believed in God, my Opa was also convinced that once the human body died, that was it; the end of the road.  This rigid view on the “afterlife” is what made it so hard for my Opa to pass in September of 2011 at the age of 98.

    In September of 2011 my grandfather was living back in Germany, his homeland.  When I and the rest of the family knew that the time of his passing was close, my mother began sending emails and text messages from Germany, keeping the US family in the loop as to what was transpiring.  It was clear that Opa was struggling.  He had never been diagnosed with dementia prior to his last days and had always been clear-minded and concise with his wishes.  However, during the last few days of his life, he struggled and thrashed with something the rest of the family couldn’t see.  He shouted for “them” to go away and leave him in peace.  But Opa, being stubborn and stoic, would not simply let go.  I knew why but there wasn’t much I could do because I was in New Hampshire and he was in Germany.

    Upon hearing that Opa was fighting his passing and the loved ones around him, I immediately sought Beau’s help first because I knew she could help him and second, because I felt helpless and ill-equipped to handle the situation.  After receiving permission to work with him, Beau agreed to “sit” with Opa remotely.  Now, you’re going to have to ask Beau exactly what transpired during that energetic “meeting,” but I can tell you that Opa immediately stopped fighting with our unseen loved ones, and died peacefully mere hours following Beau’s visit with him.  I was able to verify this because I knew when Beau was working with him, and I could track his progress through my mother in Germany.

    I celebrated my birthday just days following my Opa’s passing. While at the Center during a small get together, Beau walked up to me, clutching a wrapped package in her hands, said “I feel like a total weirdo but your Opa asked me to give this to you for your birthday” and handed the wrapped gift to me.  What Beau didn’t know is that I knew exactly what it was.  What she didn’t know was that when I was a child, my Opa used to give me an Advent calendar every year for my birthday. I got a huge grin on my face and ripped the package open to reveal exactly that; a beautiful Advent calendar!

    So, I KNOW, despite the physical distance, that Beau met my Opa, helped him pass peacefully, and then did what he asked and delivered a birthday gift to his granddaughter.  If you have a loved one who’s struggling, let Beau help.  I am eternally grateful for Beau and the unconditional love and compassion she showered on my Opa and which allowed him to transition.  Obviously, Opa still would have died, but I think he would have held on here and would have died fighting.  Instead, he passed in peace and was able to transition quickly enough to show up for his granddaughter on her birthday.”

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