Take a Leap of Faith This Year

A few years back took a leap of faith. I toured the southern states of the U.S. for four months with my entire family and we did it in a 20 foot RV! Crazy or fun? It all depends on your perspective. For us, it was life changing and in all the most positive ways. It was the best trip I have ever taken and it was done completely on faith. Let me explain…

This trip was in 2011. The economy was bad and we didn’t have a savings account. Yet, I was approached by my deceased Grandfather telling me to go. When I explained this to my family they were totally on board, even if we weren’t sure how we would make it financially happen. Everyone was ready to take a leap of faith. Everyone was ready to trust.

After we purchased the tiny RV, my guides came through to tell me I was to let go of everything before I left. Let go of the rental house. Let go of my belongings. No storage locker. (Yes, no storage locker!) Again, my family was completely on board. We were faced with downsizing on a MAJOR scale. All we could bring with us is what would fit in that tiny RV. In less than one month, we did it. My husband, two teenage boys, my dog and myself shed enough of our material goods to take off, responsibility free, on the road. Talk about drastic changes in our lifestyle!

Upon mentioning this to people, they would cringe. Their responses would echo… “The economy is so bad.” “What about money?” “Are you crazy?” Fear spoke clearly. However, both my husband and myself fully understood if we were to live in fear, we would have never taken the leap and go. We would have always waited for the right and perfect time and it would most likely never come.

And our trust paid off. After committing to this trip, canceling our rental agreement with our landlord and getting rid of massive amounts of material items, my husband got a call from a client. A job was offered to him. A job that he would be able to complete right before we left for our trip. A job that paid the exact amount needed to take the trip. Coincidence? Nope.

Here’s the thing. Living in fear limits you. Sometimes you need to take that leap of faith. Know that you are cared for and watched over. Know that you will be provided for. That knowledge and belief will pull you through. This new year, think about what you would like to do with your life. Even if what you dream about is scary, take a step toward it. Remember, you are watched over. You are guided and you are loved. What will be will be, and in the end… you will be fine. Stop living a limited life. Start living! Make this year an amazing year. Take the chances and watch as the universe supports you!

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