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Two years ago my family took a four month road trip, rolling across the country in our traveling RV.  We came across every walk of life.  Meeting people on the trip was like shopping in a candy store!  I loved it.  I loved hearing how they lived, what they thought, where they’ve been, what they’ve learned.

On one leg of the trip I came across a variety of candy I hadn’t seen in a very long time!  In a dusty, red rock filled campground in the Southwest I met a very unusual and rare person who put it all out there for the world to see.  It was early afternoon and the campground was empty except for me, my family and our small RV.  A few hours after we arrived another RV pulled in.  It was an old Motorcoach covered in bible quotes and threatening statements like “FEAR GOD” and “READ THE BIBLE”.  The driver parked four or five sites away from us.  I saw him and well… what would you have expected me to do?  I bolted out my door and scuttled over to his campsite as fast as I could!  I had to.  His message filled RV was calling me like a moth to a bizarre flame.

I approached with a thousand questions running through my mind.  I knew the interaction would go one of two ways.  Either he would condemn me, dance in circles, and pray for my soul.  Or… he would be accepting and simply happy to tell someone what he believes.  To my bliss and excitement, it was the latter of the two.  We talked for a length of time about his path and mine.  He was a great guy!  This man was so passionate about his journey that he had quit his job in 2009 and took off in his RV on total faith that the Lord would provide for him along the way.  I wanted to hug him!  He did what so many people cannot do.  He took the big leap.  He not only took the leap, he jumped off the cliff with both feet runnin’ and a huge billboard in his hands.  Why not?!

How many of us can do that?  How many of us can stand so firmly behind what we believe that we would risk it all?  Better yet, how many of us can spread our word about our beliefs without judging others?  Well this man can, and did.  Not only did he not tell me the path I should take, he didn’t condemn me for the path I was on when I told him I talk to dead people!  He stated very clearly, “I don’t want to be your judge.  I just want to tell you what is in my heart and what is important to me.”

That’s it folks!  Go for it!  Decide what is in your heart and start telling people!  Just remember… the goal is not to convert others to what you think is right.  The goal is to simply swim in your passion and give the gift to the world of sharing it.  I dare ya… start small if you must.  But start.  Call a friend.  Tell them what you’re passionate about.  Embrace yourself and your life!

With love and excitement!

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