Spiritual Witnessing

Spiritual witnessing is something few of us are consciously aware of but many of us experience.  It is an act of compassion and emotional sacrifice based in the truth that we are all one.  If you have ever stood beside a someone as they died, had a vision of a catastrophe you couldn’t change, or felt a pull of fear or anxiety from a death… then you’ve been a spiritual witness.  It is an honorable duty.  Let me explain.

Spiritual witnessing is based on the knowledge no one should die or suffer alone.  We are all connected; we are all one.  Humans should never endure isolation, especially in their last moments here on earth.  Occasionally, someone will lose their life in an overwhelming moment of fear.  A fear so strong it is more than they can bear.  This is where witnessing comes in.  A spiritual witness is someone who stands by their side, either in person or intuitively, and shares in their fear so they are not left to carry it alone.

An example.  One evening, a close friend of mine had a vivid nightmare.  In the dream, she was standing in front of a house.  There were no obvious flames shooting from the rooftop, but she knew somehow the house was on fire.  She also knew there was a woman inside, behind the front door, alone and clawing to get out.  The woman didn’t make it.  During the nightmare, my friend intensely felt this woman’s terror but she was frozen.  There was nothing she could do but watch it unfold.  The next morning, shook by the dream, my friend decided to take her mind off of it and run errands.  A few miles from her house, she encountered a large number of emergency vehicles.  As it turned out, there was indeed a small, smoldering fire that filled the house with smoke.  Behind the front door, the emergency crew found a woman, alone and dead.  The dream was prophetic.  It was real.

This woman may have died in the home alone but she was not alone.  My friend was with her in spirit.  Through a dream, she was her spiritual witness.  This experience left my friend shaken and uncomfortable.  But I will tell you, as I told her, she supported a soul in their time of greatest need simply by being present.  The burden of the emotions my friend carried was her gift to that woman, that soul.

Time and space are not a factor in this process.  It can happen from great distances, or days ahead of an event.  It is a spiritual experience.  Whether you are an EMT, a person who receives premonitions, or simply someone who feels the pull of a death strongly, you are a spiritual witness.  You are spiritually supporting those who need it in their moment of death.  Sometimes the person who is dying will subconsciously ask for your help, or sometimes you are chosen at random.  Sometimes you will be an active participant in the situation or see a news broadcast covering your previous premonition.    Sometimes you will never know if what you experienced was real or not.  Either way, you are doing an important job.

There is an emotional difficulty involved in this path.  The burden of experiencing something you cannot stop, for example, can be tormenting.  Just know it is not your job to fall victim to this or to allow the emotions to alter your life.  You are not a victim, you are a warrior.  You are not emotionally disturbed, you are a superhero.  Without you, souls would be spiritually left in terror to die alone.  If you experience this phenomenon, take pride in your service.  Just as you would stand next to a lost child until they were reunited with their parents, you are standing next to a soul until they can find peace and return home.  Your job is a sacrifice, but one that is honorable.  


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