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Spiritual Clearings

As some of you have already read in my book Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, my job on this Earth is to balance energies that cannot otherwise be balanced. I do three types of Spiritual Clearings, land, property and people. All of which I do with a one time visit. I meet with people once, clear their space, and move on. I will support anyone who needs additional support, but my intention is to help immediately, efficiently and quickly.

Land and/or Property Clearings

These types of clearings balance areas of land and buildings energetically to restore the natural flow of the Earth. A property clearing is well received in areas suffering from heavy negativity and/or a history of violence or suppression. They restore a sense of calm to those who reside and/or work on the property. Walking on unbalanced land is like walking through a swamp. It is slow and uncomfortable. After a Land and/or property clearing, people who were once affected by the difficulties will be able to function more efficiently and find peace.

Human Clearing (aka Entity Removal)

A human clearing is an energetic cleansing to remove negative spiritual energy. Occasionally people will cross paths with a negative spirit who wants to hang around them. In the most simplest of cases, a living person will be aware the spirit is around and easy clearing techniques can be done with a few minutes of instruction over the phone. In more difficult cases, the spirit will “attach” themselves to a living person, causing a variety of symptoms. Some indicators of this level of attachment include an unexplained shift in personality, heightened anger issues, depression, confusion, sleep disorders, anxiety, paranoia, and occasionally loss of time. It is important to remove negative spirits for both the living person and for the spirit themselves. The living person regains personal strength and a peaceful state of being. The spirit finds peace by crossing over and completing their death process. They return home, where they belong. For an example of this type of attachment, please refer to Chapter 29 (Sadie’s Haunting) in Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium.

Spirit Detachment

Some know this type of clearing by the popular Christian term “Exorcism”. I prefer to use the term Detachment. At extreme levels, a negative or malicious spirit can cause havoc in a living person’s existence by overtaking the person’s body to use it as their own. This is EXTREMELY rare. Do not let pop-culture lure you into the sensationalism of it. However, when it does occur, it is important to get the living person cleared as soon as possible. The symptoms of this type of possession are considerably more intense than an Entity Attachment.


An average clearing typically costs $150 plus $50/hour for travel over 30 minutes. However some clearings may cost less or more depending on your situation. Please contact me directly for more information. I am also available to meet at my office in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Clearings can be performed over the phone for $100.