Sheep or Shepherd

Sheep or shepherd, where do you fit in?  Are you quick to follow or are you quick to take charge?  A better question would be… do you know when it is best to follow or to take charge? For those who decide they are a leader, they can at times step too far into it, believing their way is the only way and all others are simply unaware of “their” one special secret.  Then there are the solid followers who can’t seem to decide what shoe laces to put in their shoes without looking at television or fashion magazines.  These types of followers can be lured into trances by the extreme leaders and follow as if they are wearing a bullring through their noses.  Instead of settling into either of these roles, it is healthier to be about balance.
I consider myself both a teacher and a student.  As a teacher, I assume the role of leader, helping others open up to their intuition and grasp understandings about their spiritual path.  However, I understanding that all students crossing my path are only supposed to learn from me for a short time before going to the next learning situation.  My hope for them is that they learn from me and use what I can offer, keeping what resonates with them, leaving the rest, and then continuing along their path of growth.  I am not the final destination for anyone.  I am one of many leaders out there who are grateful to share what they know and are also excited to see their students grow up and above them.
I am also a lifelong student.  The day I decide I know it all is the day I’m just plain stupid!  There is always more to learn.  Always more to expand my knowledge.  I will follow the lead of others and balance it with the wisdom to move on when the time is right.  To walk the middle road means being open to both moments of teaching others and moments of learning from others.
Find the leader and the follower in you and balance them.  Be a teacher and a student.  Be a shepherd and a sheep.  In that delicate state of balance, you will find the most growth, allowing yourself to expand beyond what you ever dreamed!

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