The SAGE Method

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I am the founder of The SAGE Method, a unique and empowering program, proven to cultivate strong psychic awareness and accurate intuition. I have taught hundreds of students to see their true intuitive potential. I love teaching The SAGE Method! If you are new to it, consider the Introductory Workshop.

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The SAGE Method Introductory Workshop

Unlock the Blocks and Increase Your Intuition! ~ An Introductory Workshop Hosted by The S.A.G.E. Method
Did you know there are common misconceptions and lifestyle habits blocking us from our intuition? These beliefs, and ways of life, block beginning intuitives from opening up and hold advanced intuitives back from ever reaching their highest potential. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been working as an intuitive, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss!

Join Isabeau Esby, founder of the S.A.G.E. Method, as she shatters these misconceptions, discuss the realities of how intuition truly works, and give you the vital tools needed to advance your intuition. This workshop will cover the five most common intuitive blocks and the five most effective practices to increase intuition. Understanding of these ten points provide beginners with a doorway to communicate with their guides and passed loved ones and provide advanced intuitives a training platform to take their abilities to the next level.

Isabeau is an internationally known psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher. She is the founder of The S.A.G.E. Method, a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuition and live an authentic, blissful life. Isabeau holds a high standard for accuracy and ethics in mediumship.

Registration required. Class is limited to 10 participants.

Dates – TBA

Time – TBA

Cost – $30

Location – Newmarket, New Hampshire

RSVP required – Register online at SAGE Method Introductory Workshop Registration or by calling 603.973.2317 or emailing

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The SAGE Method Level One

This course will be held in Newmarket, New Hampshire. We will meet for 8 sessions. For detailed information about The SAGE Method, click here.

Location – Newmarket, New Hampshire

Class Time – TBA

Cost – $800


  • Session one – TBA
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  • Session three –
  • Session four –
  • Session five –
  • Session six –
  • Session seven –
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