Restructuring Your Life

Restructuring Your Life ~ Recently I was engaged in a discussion about how to become “un-stuck” in life. I just kept going back to the word restructuring. This word applies to much more than we at first consider. On the surface, when we think of restructuring our lives we think of moving to a new town or changing jobs. But it can be much more simple than that and provide just as much growth!

When you are stuck in their life, a simple restructuring can shake away the cobwebs and reignite your core. Pick something small to start with. Your morning schedule, your food choices, your computer desktop. Just the act of altering your patterns will shift you into a fresh perspective. That new perspective will automatically, and with ease, bring clarity to other areas of your life.

Don’t want to think about where to start? That’s okay. Start with this… create two lists. One is your to-do list, the other is your desire list. On the to-do list write down everything that is on your plate right now (laundry, bills, repairs, things you promised people you’d do for them). On the desire list, write down everything you want in your life. When you’ve created both lists, compare them. Do they match? Is your desire list being addressed or are you running around in circles with your to-do list? If they don’t match, create a new to-do list that reflects your desire list. Now, pick a few items that you would like to achieve on your new to-do list and restructure your daily schedule to fit them in.

This task should take you about an hour. One hour to refresh your mental clarity and purpose is well worth it!

If you want more restructuring, more inspiration for your path, consider attending my upcoming two hour workshop on August 18th. I will be teaching the five main tools for opening up your intuition and living a more clear and blissful life!

For more information on this workshop, click here.

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