I love the topic of reincarnation because I have found it to be much more complicated than pop culture makes it out to be.  Many people speak of past lives as if they are linear.  You’re born, you die, you come back.  Rinse and repeat.  While this is helpful in examining our past lives for growth purposes, I’d like to mix it up a bit and go deeper.

Consider the image of your “higher self” (on the otherside) as a large ball of energy.  A single life on earth would then be a trip that only a piece of your higher self takes.  The rest of your higher self remains on the otherside.  So… you take a chunk out of your ‘higher self ball of energy’, throw it down to earth, and have it land into a human body.  When that life is done on earth, the piece of energy returns to the higher self.  In this explanation, you could say we have multiple lives all still connected to our higher spirit.  The multiple lives, each being a representation of ourselves, are the small pieces that have left the otherside to venture on an exploration here on earth.

Now, take the idea that there is no time or space (the way we understand it) on the otherside.  This would lead us to consider past lives as all happening at once… not linearly.  Top that off with the idea pieces of our higher self can be in more than one place at one time and you get a very vibrant picture of past lives.  For example, a chunk of my higher self could be here right now in New Hampshire typing this blog, while another chunk of my higher self could be currently living out a life in France.  Care to go deeper?  Right now, in this moment, you could have a piece of your higher self living out a life in 1750 in Africa!  Okay, just a little deeper… a piece of your higher self could currently be living in the year 3015.  The timeline rules only apply to us in our individual life, they don’t apply to the otherside or the entire picture as a whole.  Clearly you can see how I could go on for quite a while with this, but I’ll stop here and let you ponder!

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