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In intuitive reading can bring guidance and clarity to your life. In my readings, I work with your loved ones and guides on the otherside to receive valuable information about your life path. Reconnection to loved ones is also an important aspect of my readings as I find many times those we were close to wish to reach out and communicate with you once more.

Readings are done both in person and via the phone. Phone readings are just as effective as in person as it is your loved ones that I am communicating with, they will present themselves to me no matter my location.

Preparing for a Reading

The following steps are helpful in preparing for your upcoming reading:

* Write down your important questions ahead of time so you do not forget to ask them during our session.

* Bring with you (or hold, if receiving a phone reading) an object of your passed loved one as this can sometimes bring a stronger connection to them.

* Talk to your passed loved one(s) the day of our scheduled reading. Ask them to be with you during your session. I have found this to be very effective in bringing them closer and allowing more accurate information during a session.

* If you would like to bring a photograph to an in person session, I ask that you conceal it in an envelope so I am not able to see the photo. This helps to avoid visual cues which can skew a reading.

Phone Reading

30 minutes ~ $60
60 minutes ~ $100

In Office Reading

30 minutes ~ $150
60 minutes ~ $300

Appointments can be done either via phone or in my office in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

**While Readings are available to anyone over the age of 18, I will read for a minor in the presence of his or her parent.**