A Personal Message About 2016

2016 Wow. Is it just me or are you also done with this year and looking forward to 2017? It was a year of serious transformation for so many of us. A year of shedding, both voluntarily and in some cases, by force. It was as if 2016 decided for us that this was the time to declutter our lives, wether we felt we were ready or not. I have spoken to many people over the last few months and can see a running theme from their experiences. Loss, growth, change, and the list goes on.

The light behind the stress… it’s peeking out for most of us. If you haven’t seen the light at the end, hold on. You will. While it has been stressful, there is beauty on the other side of the stress. The challenges you have been made to face are leading to wonderful things. It’s just a matter of time. Personally, I am experiencing the light behind the dark now and finding huge gratitude in succeeding to walk through the challenges this year brought me.

Thank you to 2016 for helping me shed that which I don’t need. Thank you for helping me to see that you didn’t drag my feet through mud, you pulled them out of mud. Mud that I struggled getting out of myself. To the upcoming twelve months, I welcome you. I’m excited for you. I choose to thrive in 2017 and continue to bring that light brighter and brighter into my life.

To all of you reading this, harness 2017. Let it provide happiness. Let your gratitude steer the ship and enjoy the positive experiences that are now able to happen… not that you’ve shed that which you no longer need in 2016. To all of us… a Happy New Year!!!

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