Manifesting Past Stress

Now that the stressful work of developing the final program for The SAGE Method is over, I am witnessing the purpose of The SAGE Method come to fruition. I am experiencing what I worked so hard to manifest. People in the SAGE classes are growing exponentially and intuitives are honing their skills with excitement. I love this time! However, I visualized it and experienced it before it ever came. Thus, it is here today.

Quite often, people focus on what to do to get through a stressful time. Today, I’d like to invite you to visualize what positive things will happen as a result of getting past the stress. I’d like you to think about what will come into your life once you’ve reached your goal. It’s productive to be in the moment… in the middle of the stress working your way out. However, it is also hugely beneficial to manifest your reality through deciding what you will do, experience, feel, have, etc. once you’ve reached your goal!

It doesn’t matter if you have volunteered for a local event, decided to build your business, been diagnosed with an illness you need to overcome, or even stepped into the divorce process. In all of these situations, make sure to take small slivers of time to let yourself visualize and feel the greatness coming to you as a result of your current hard work. Visualize the local event having record attendance. Imagine your business booming. Feel your body healed and energetic. Settle into the experience of being strong and independent again.

These small moments you take, in the middle of stress and chaos, send signals to the universe and invite it to create your world as you see it. Plus, you will give yourself a gift, in the center of tension and effort, of remembering why you are working so hard.

For me… my next project is my physical health. Time to kick it up a notch! And along my path of improving eating patterns and physical strength, I will take time to revel in the outcome even before I reach my goals. I will reside, even for brief moments, in what it feels like to have attained the lifestyle and physical health I truly desire. Thus, it will come.

As for you… carve out a minute to dream, feel, and manifest your positive and amazing end result of whatever it is you are walking through now. It will boost your energy and remind you of why you are taking on the challenge.

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