Making Choices

Following in someone’s footsteps is not a requirement, it’s a choice. And many of us unconsciously making choices such as this. We allow status quo, habits and cultural requirements to push us forward. We listened to the teacher in grade school. We obeyed our parents when we were children. These patterns, many of which are necessary in our society, can turn into adult habits. Later in life we fall easily into staying at job we hate, letting a mean friend control us, or even continuing in a negative relationship we know is bad for us. We follow in the footsteps of the people who came before us, letting our lives ride down the same road.

If possible, take a step back from these situations. Take an even bigger step back from the idea that you have no choice. The pattern in your mind, telling you that you are stuck and that this is just how it has to be, is a pattern that can be changed. For some people, patterned thinking can be turned around in a day. For most of us, it takes time and practice. You have to be willing, however, to focus on that practice and make it a priority.

When your mind tells you that you have to stay in that job, that you aren’t good enough to do something different, or that you’ll never make it on your own… stop the thoughts. Imagine pulling the thoughts out of your mind and placing them right in front of your face. See them for what they are. They are not real. They are patterns that someone else set into your head. You can leave that job. You can find a job you will love. You will be alright on your own.

If you are tired of settling for misery, start witnessing your brain’s patterns. Catch them, pull them out of your head and identify them for what they are. Untrue. The truth is you can do anything you put your mind to. There is always a solution. And your path can change. You are amazing. Remember that.

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