Is God One Man?

God is seen by many as the dude in the white robe and kickin’ beard.  But is this really a good description of him or are we missing something?  Some religious followers will say it’s deeper than just the idea of one male figure.  They speak of a God who is in your heart and with you at all times.  While this is at least one step closer to a reality that makes sense to me, it’s still not far enough away from the image of a man who perpetually looks 90 years old and hangs out on a cloud.

On the surface, the most basic description we hear is God is one guy “up there” loving us.  The next level of understanding is that He is someone who is in all of us, who is everywhere and found within everything.  Getting better.  But let’s keep going.  God is not a man, but the actual love binding everything and everyone together.  He is more of an intelligent “essence” than a human figure.  Imagine a beautiful multidimensional spider web, not flat, but spreading infinitely in every direction.  At each point of connection, every intersection of webbing, resides a spirit, a soul.  We all reside in this webbing, and the webbing itself is God.  “He” is the connector of all beings.  He is the glue, the supporter.  He holds and cares for all of us by being a form of energy that loves and flows through everything.  He is simply love.

I still speak of God as a person, for ease of conversation only, but I realize there are depths and levels of understanding beyond anything a mere human can understand. When I pray to God, I am praying to my support, my connection, my source of higher power.  Most importantly, I am praying to the source of pure love.

God is less about a masculine figure and more about connection.  Some of the most profound spiritual experiences people have shared are not stories of some nice old man coming down to Earth to shake their hand.  They are stories of the Holy Spirit moving through them.   The Holy Spirit they speak of, well that’s the connection!

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