Ignoring the Old, Wanting the New

It’s been five years since my dog, Apple, passed away. Yep, her name was Apple. An amazing cocker spaniel with the sweetest disposition. We were very close. She went everywhere with me. And here I am five years after her death, finally ready to bond again with a pet. So, what do I do? I start looking for pets. A small dog, a rabbit. Hmmm… what would be the best fit?

I had some initial success in finding a few rescue pets that would want to come home with me, but I never moved forward in adopting them. Something wasn’t right, I needed to think. So I sat at my computer, looking through online pet adoption sites, all the while petting my son’s dog who was laying by my side. When I didn’t find anything, I put the computer away and started my search again the next day. Once more, my son’s dog laid by my side. And that’s when the aha moment hit. Why was I looking outside for a new pet to fill this part of my heart when I could pour this extra love I have into the pet that is right in front of me? – I love when simplicity steps into my mind and clarifies things!

Look around at what you already have in your life, both material items and living connections. Is it that you really want something new? Or, is it that you want to improve what you already have? Keep it simple. Try improvement first. Clean out your car. Have deeper discussions with your partner. Very often in life, we look away from the old and toward the new because it’s the easier (or more exciting) path. But in following the easy path, we usually miss out on the coolest and deepest experiences. Just think of the discovery available to you. From finding an antique coin under your car seat to discovering the depths of love your partner truly has for you. In the end, it’s not about obtaining something new. It’s about what is right in front of you, right now and how you can find the joy in the moment.

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