Hell, Retribution, and Remorse

A client of mine heard me speak of Hell not existing and asked me a fantastic question!  ~ “If there is no Hell on the otherside, is there remorse or retribution of any kind?”

Let me start with a word about Hell.  This may be controversial but no, I do not believe there is a Hell.  As a medium, with all my communications with people and guides on the otherside, I have never heard, seen or experienced any reference to it.  My guide chuckled a little when I originally asked him about it.  His answer… “There is no location called Hell.  Hell is a man-made concept.”  With time and discussion, he opened my eyes to the fear tactics that lie behind the concept of Hell.  How else are you going to get your followers to behave?

Side note ~ If you were diligent enough, you could search through historical data to find how the concept of Hell was created and altered by man over the years.  For example, it was just a short time ago the Catholic Church changed the concept of purgatory.  I would have loved to sit in on that meeting!

Okay, off the soap box and back to the original question.  I’ll start with remorse.  Rarely in readings do I hear a deceased loved one say “I’m horrible” or “I’m guilty.”  More often than not I hear “I love you and I’m sad we had to experience that together, but I can see now it was necessary for you on your path and for your own personal growth.”  Or… “I am saddened I played such a horrible role in your life and wish you didn’t have to feel that pain.”  All of these are said with what I would call remorse, just not the remorse most think of when they think someone is guilty.  People on the otherside don’t dwell in guilt.  They dwell in love.  They see their life in the big picture and understand how and why they affected people in particular ways, some being negative.  They are looking at it from a larger perspective, from the higher good you could say.  They themselves have stepped out of negative, fear based thinking.  They are the best of themselves on the otherside.

Controversial side note ~ all negative events provide us with gifts.  They are learning tools and lessons.  I myself have been on the receiving end of some very harsh experiences and they have served to make me who I am today.  After I take the needed time to feel the pain, I begin the healing process.  Eventually, I find gratitude for the people and/or experience that inflicted the pain.  This thought processes may go against the cultural ideal, but it is how I see it.  No matter how horrific the act, it was needed to mold someone’s path.  I respect the hurt it brings and do not feel we should simply accept such horrible acts.  But I also see the gifts behind them.  This is not a position of acceptance, it is a position of welcoming challenges and bettering my path as negative events present themselves.

Onto retribution ~ A little while ago a cop killer was shot and died instantly.  Some were disappointed by this.  They felt, because he died, he skipped out of doing his time in jail.  Plus. if Hell doesn’t exist, then the cop killer got off easy right?  Here is a moment of opportunity to see the event from a broader perspective.  Someone killing a cop, or anyone for that matter, has done an atrocious thing.  People will suffer because of it.  But, the event is a shift in the paths of all those who knew the killer and the victim.  It is an experience.  A painful experience, but an experience.  In the end, what develops from that event is much more important than the killer being punished.

The definition of retribution is punishment that is thought to be morally deserved.  The key words in that statement are “thought to be.”  Our definition of retribution is much different than the definition on the otherside.  When a person dies, they have work to do to cross over.  To fully understand and deeply appreciate their experiences on earth, they need to walk through them from every angle.  This is done in a life review.  You have to process (or drag yourself lol) through every moment you lived.  Each choice you made must be revisited not only from your own perspective but from the perspective of everyone affected by your act.  That cop killer will have to relive the event in the cop’s shoes as well as in the shoes of everyone touched by it!  This is the closest I can come to an idea of retribution on the otherside.  You are submersed in the pain you inflicted on others and you are in turn gifted with the deepest understanding of what you did.  Personally, this process provides much more growth than sitting in a jail cell.

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