Halloween and a Thin Veil

Is the veil thin around Halloween?  Yep.
Why is the veil thin around Halloween?  Because we decided it would be.

Halloween has a fascinating history and one that lends itself to the reason why activity is so strong during this time of year.  Halloween was originally a celebration of the end of the harvest season in pre-Christian cultures.  They believed the veil was thin and that the dead were able to come through around this time and create chaos.  Thus the ceremonies around this celebration were very important to appease the dead.  Some ceremonies included fire to bring in the insects and bats… sound familiar?  Also the wearing of costumes to appease the spirits was common.

It’s a longer story as to how this translated into little kids walking neighborhoods asking for candy, but you can imagine the steps that might have led to this.

As for the veil… the belief was started long ago amongst a large number of people.  Because of that, each year, the veil thins.  It is the power of intention, I believe, that creates this phenomenon.  If enough people believe it, well then… it is.

So enjoy this Halloween and all the spiritual interaction that comes with it!

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