Finding Inner Bliss

Finding Inner Bliss ~ Many people ask me how to increase their connection to Spirit, how to get closer to touching that “bliss” that so many gurus speak of. My answer is simple, look inside yourself. Bliss is generated from within. It is a heightened sensation of eternity and perfection. This is achievable. This is a possibility. However, how you approach finding it is strategic.

A game plan is good. Occasionally one will stumble across this moment of bliss and be pleasantly surprised by it. But more often than not there is some work needed to reach it. There is inner “junk” covering it up. Baggage and stress blocking it. Personally, my “bliss” reduces dramatically when I am over-worked, over-stressed and over-worried. So, the game plan is to chip away at this “junk” bit by bit until you are lighter. With less mental clutter it is easier to go deeper within yourself, further into your soul. And it is at the core of your soul that the true bliss can be found.

You will know when you reach it because the world will pause for just a moment, the calm will wrap around you and a heightened sensation of connection will be apparent. One of my clients said it best. She said it is like champaign bubbles flowing through your cells. I love that analogy. Because she is right. It is your body responding to your most heightened state of spiritual being.

Solve problems through therapy, discussions with those you love, career adjustments, education, etc. Take steps outside of yourself to heal yourself inside. Because it is the internal balance that determines how often we can touch that “bliss”. And, with an inner balance our intuition can soar. We are able to open up to the invisible and to the understanding we so wish to have.

At first, you will get glimpses of it. Then, with practice and time, you will be able to reach it more easily. I encourage you to take the first step. Make the game plan. Take one small step toward cleaning up your mental clutter and you will be taking one small step toward touching “bliss”!

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