Do We Ever Get to be a Spirit Guide?

You already are!

When I sit with a client there are typically two types of spirits that come in… loved ones and spirit guides (whom you didn’t know on earth).  Both of these are examples of spirits who work with us as our guides.  Our deceased grandmother can watch over you in addition to other spirits who care for us regardless of the fact that we didn’t know them in this earth format.

One could make the assumption a person who is working as a spirit guide is doing so because they have completed all their lives and gained the ‘necessary’ experience.  Not true.  Spirit guides, people we didn’t necessarily know, can be working with you because they understand your path, see where you’re headed, and simply have earthly experience in that area.  Are they best suited for this?  Yep.  Because they are on the otherside, they have the overall picture and the most loving perspective.  For example, if you are dealing with a divorce, there may be a spirit on the otherside who has walked in your shoes.  They take the assignment to be your guide and stand by your side through the process to help you.  And you do that for others as well.

A quick review of my last blog takes this concept to the next level.  Consider this… if your higher self is a large “ball of energy” and small chunks of that ball are put into human form to experience life here on earth, then that means the rest of your higher self is still up there.  While you are enjoying this life (hopefully), you might be having another life somewhere else with another “chunk” of your higher self in a different human body.  Example… you may be living in New England, spending time with your grandchild, while another “you” is in Italy in 1842 working as a crewman at the same time.  Take away the concept of time and everything is happening at once!  Thus, your higher self is more like a train depot and your lives are like trains.

How does this theory apply to guides? Experienced aspects of your higher self are able to work as a guide and help other souls here on earth.  No one is technically a stranger in regards to the otherside.  We are all connected and would be lost without each other.  Far too few people realize how guided they really are by people who have previously been in their shoes.  Our grandfathers, great grandmothers, the baker down the street, they are all here, cheering you on.  And, from the otherside, you will do the same for the people you love.  A life on earth is just one of many ways to grow and experience life!

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