Discover Your Intuition

I know what it’s like to live an intuitive and spiritual life. I am so grateful for where I am today because of my intuition. Thus, I am passionate about helping people open up and hone their own intuition so they too can experience a rewarding and inspiring life. Not to mention, when you discover your intuition, everything falls into place.

For the last eight or so years, I’ve used my passion for teaching to help people improve their own intuition. As a spiritual teacher, I have been blessed to witness amazing growth and psychic abilities from people who thought they had very little intuition, or even worse, none. I have witnessed, countless times, the amazement and self-pride pouring out of a student who finally realizes what they are capable of and what their intuition can really do. For that I am grateful. It is like witnessing someone discover their true selves for the first time.

If you are a student of mine, I’d like to thank you for enriching my life. Every student who has crossed my path has been a blessing to me. If you’re not a student of mine, should you be? Take a moment and answer a few questions.

Do you want to use your intuition but just can’t seem to harness it?
Are you stuck in life and you are not sure why?
Do you wish to truly understand how your sixth sense works?
Is it time to put your personal growth first?
Do you yearn to be more connected?
Do you want to help others with your intuition?

If the majority of your answers were yes, I would seriously consider taking steps toward creating a robust and rewarding spiritual path. 

If you are “all in” then jump ahead to find out about The S.A.G.E. Method! (S.A.G.E. stands for self-empowerment, accuracy, growth and ethics) You can visit the website by clicking here.

If you are ready to start opening up your intuition but want to take baby steps, join me for a S.A.G.E. Introductory Workshop and Demonstration. A few things happen at these workshops… 
You will learn about the top five intuitive misconceptions that are holding you back. 
You will witness, in demonstration form, what intuition is really like. 
And, most importantly, you will go home with the top five intuitive practices designed specifically to get that sixth sense open. You will be given the tools to start your journey! 

Life might be short, but there is no reason we can’t live it to the fullest!

The next SAGE Introductory Workshop and Demonstration is Wednesday, July 2nd in Stratham, NH.  For more information on registering for this event or to find another date, click here.

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