Celebrating Similarities

I drive a Mazda 2.  An adorable little bright green car.  It’s a relatively new color and I haven’t seen many of the same on the road.  Recently, I was driving through town and noticed the exact same make, model, and color car driving at me from the other direction.  I looked over as it passed.  Behind the wheel was a woman waving at me with a huge smile on her face.  I instantly waved back and felt a wonderful feeling of connectedness come over me.

There we were, two strangers with one thing in common… identical cars.  We shared a moment and brought a small piece of happiness into our lives.  But what if she and I were to meet somewhere other than a chance drive by?  If we spent time discussing our likes and dislikes with each other, would we still have the same joyful reaction?

We might.  But only if we could focus on celebrating our similarities and refrain from judging on differences.  Acceptance and compassion would be needed, especially if our lives held very different belief systems.  This may sound like a tall order, but it is entirely possible.  It is how community thrives.  I work at The Center for Consciousness Studies and have seen these wonderful connections happening more and more everyday through its community events.

It is a beautiful testimony to our connection when we can love unconditionally, in either a split second from one car to another, or in extended period of time with a fellow spirit.

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