Carlos and Jenn

I’ve lost two friends in the last two months.  One passed from a heart attack at age 49.  Another lost her battle with cancer at age 38.  Both were people who touched my heart every time I saw them.  A smile on my face simply by being in their presence.

There are people in this world that light up with life.  People who simply raise you up just by being themselves.  Souls who find joy in kindness and laughter.  They are rare, but they are out there.  Not sure what this blog is about other than a thank you to all those out there who can see the light through the dark.  To those can embrace each experience and find joy in the small things.  To those can love unabashedly and enjoy life to the fullest each moment.  Whether they are aware of it or not, these people change lives daily.  They teach us to lighten up.  To laugh.  To enjoy what we have.

People work hard at changing their perspectives from negative to positive, to release the difficult and embrace bliss.  This work is important.  Not only for yourself, but also for those on earth with you.  We are not in this alone.  Our state of mind meshes with those around us and when we can have just one day of happiness it radiates out to everyone.  Both of my friends understood happiness, its effects on themselves and others.  Have you made anyone smile lately?

The only thing I can do to pay tribute to them is to work a little harder at being in the moment and enjoying as much of life as I can.

Carlos and Jenn… thank you!  You will be missed.

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