Can We Fire Our Spiritual Guides?

A guest at one of my gatherings mentioned he was frustrated in life.  A spiritual practitioner had informed him that all he had to do to regain happiness was to fire his spiritual guides and get new ones!  I restrained myself from busting out laughing.  You can’t fire your guides any more than you can chop off your right hand and expect to get another.  Blaming guides for difficulties is pointless.  Their job is to make sure you are walking the path you are supposed to walk to achieve your dreams.  This doesn’t mean it will always be easy.

So, this guest of mine, an incredibly nice man and videographer, explained how he had landed a number of filming jobs which continually fell through just before they were scheduled to begin. He was frustrated at the opportunity for good money repeatedly being taken away, like vanishing carrots dangling in front of him.  He was angry with his guides for not providing the financial support he wanted.  Then he heard the idea from some spiritual guru… “Just fire your guides.”  He was thrilled and more than happy to fire them in hopes to get new ones.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

I asked him about his dreams and his goals.  He loved making films.  His true dream, one he had put completely by the wayside, would be to make a movie of his own and not take a job for someone else.  Now we were getting somewhere!  When I asked him why he wasn’t following his dreams, he responded with a very reasonable answer.  It cost too much money.  Equipment alone was a huge expense.  So, instead of working at manifesting the equipment and gear he needed to make his own film, he was trying to get hired to work a large amount of hours for someone else to make money.  It was obvious, if he was to take on one of those jobs then his real dream would continue to fall by the wayside.

This is what I explained to him…  Guides always work for our highest good.  Sometimes what we want and what we should have are two different things.  All your guides want is for you to spend a small amount of time each day reaching for your dreams.  You hear inspirational stories  of people who beat the odds.  Well, they weren’t beating the odds as much as they were persistent in the face of struggle.  When it got difficult, they didn’t give into the money grind and lose sight of their dreams.  They pressed on.

We do have to pay the bills, I acknowledge that.  What we don’t have to do is fall for the belief that our dream is too expensive or too far out of our reach.  If you are struggling right now and repeatedly finding you are running into a brick wall, thank your guides for putting the brick wall up for you.  They are forcing you to look around for a different path.  A path that will bring you amazing happiness.  My hopes for his film career is he finds a job that pays well but still leaves him time to search for ways to make his dream come true.  If he did that, his guides would be behind him 100%!  Don’t try to fire your guide… listen to them!

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