Book Smarts or Inner Knowing?

When I was younger, up until just a few years ago, I turned to books for answers.  It was a technique that worked really well for me early on but started to fail as my life progressed.  When I worked as an accountant and in real estate, books were gold mines!  The more I read, the better I performed in my career.  When my life shifted and I started to walk my spiritual path, books began to play a completely different role.

With new and unexplainable spiritual experiences happening to me at a rapid pace, I did what I always did.  I turned to books for answers.  However, it didn’t matter how much I read,
I couldn’t find answers that fit.  I continued to read spiritual books anyway.  Looking at them now for overall conceptual understanding instead of rock solid answers.  The more I read, the more I was confused.  In the spiritual realms, everyone has their own take on the metaphysical world.  Unlike real estate and math books, you can’t find a fail proof formula in a spiritual book.  What you can get is a concept or a version of spiritual reality, but one book can’t give you the steps, the process or the answers.  Even worse, there are many spiritual books out there that are created out of imagination and pop-culture beliefs, not out of truth.  This was one of the driving reasons for me to write my own book, Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium.  I wrote it not in a format that pushes a belief system, but instead in a format that simply describes my own personal experiences.  A format that I feel is most helpful to those opening spiritually.  A format that says “You’re not alone” instead of “This is how you do it.”  I wanted to write a book that gives readers something to relate to, not something to follow.

Reading for math was easy for me.  One question, one answer.  Reading for spirituality is not that simple.  I learned very quickly to take a spiritual book with a grain of salt.  If I am lucky to pull something out of the book that resonates with me, then it was a good book… for me.  What I discovered opening up spiritually is that my speed of growth reflected the willingness to experience spirituality in my day-to-day life versus reading about it.  If you spend four hours a day reading about it and not testing the waters, you don’t get very far!  You may have some basic concepts and understandings, but all of those will be coupled up with an underlying uncertainty created from a lack of experience.  It’s when you walk into your spirituality and allow yourself to actually experience it, that you start to see amazing spiritual growth.  Better yet, you will start to feel that uncertainty fall by the wayside.  So, instead of reaching for one of the twelve books piled up next to your bedside, get out there and do!

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