Belief in the unknown can be a difficult thing for many people.  It can be simpler, dare I say safer, to grab onto the scientific path which provides “proof” and “understanding”.  But my question to you is how much proof and understanding do you really get from science?  Being a math major, I sometimes find myself looking at things from a more calculated angle.  Just when I think I may have proved something, I step back and remember that science is fallible.  At one point, theorists believed the earth was the center of the universe.  Scientists even believed once in spontaneous creation of life (rotting meat produced maggots, corn produced mice).  As the years pass and people continue to search, current ideas become outdated.  What changes will happen in the next fifty years to disprove some of our current scientific beliefs?  Can we rely on science when life changes every moment?

And with our life changing every moment, our beliefs change.  They grow and morph with knowledge and discoveries, both scientifically and personally.  The hope would be that as beliefs change they become more informed and refined in the same fashion science has experienced over the years.  When I review my own belief system from ten years ago, I am at first shocked (knowing what I know now) that I actually believed what I believed.  When I look closer, it’s not that my beliefs were wrong as much as it is they were weak and stemmed from a lack of knowledge.  Ten years ago, I was closed off to new ideas and concepts.  I simple went with my current surroundings.  Once I opened to new concepts and understandings, I found my beliefs start to form in a more organic and natural manner.  In such a way that fit who I was and not who I was told to be.  For the first time I began to take information in, sit with it for a while, decide what felt right to me and then throw away the rest.

If your beliefs are based strictly on what others say and not from a place of intuition or inner knowledge, then your beliefs are not organic and are limiting your growth.  Listening to and taking in what other say is important.  Believing everything someone says just because they said it is naive.  A closed mind is a dead mind.  An open mind is a free mind!

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