Balancing Your Life

A few weeks ago I hit a wall. I took on more than one person should handle. I know, I know, many of you have noooo idea what I’m talking about (wink). But quickly, after hitting the wall, I brushed the dust off my pants, stood back up, and shifted my daily schedule to lighten it, immediately. At first, I was blissfully excited about my new free time. I jumped in by tasking myself with compiling a to-do list of all the items that fell by the wayside as a result of my previous heinous schedule.

After two hours of writing, an awareness hit me that felt like yet another wall. Wow. There was a lot to do to! I needed to get going and tackle this monster list fast. So, I immediately got sick. I caught the flu. My mind and my body had two different ideas of how I was going to spend my first days of free time. I listened to my body, gave in, and rested. The rest gave me the space I needed to realize this to-do list was not a prison sentence. It was something on the back burner that would eventually shrink, with patience and time. Did the tax man need my taxes February 2nd? No. Did I need to upgrade my website immediately? No. What I needed to do is practice what I preach.

I instruct my students to empty their mind by decluttering their tasks out of their head and onto a to-do sheet. That part I could handle. However, I also teach my students to take small steps. This has always been a difficult concept for me. Me, the recovering A-type personality. However, I know when faced with a large task it is best to take a step back, evaluate, and move forward with manageable steps. Small steps. Keeping this in mind, I let go of the need to complete this incredible to-do list in two days.

It’s two weeks later, my to-do list is almost done. But most importantly, I’ve been able to enjoy my life along the way. I’ve gone to movies and played boardgames with my kids. Yeah, the taxes aren’t in yet, and the website isn’t updated. But I’ve laughed, loved, and enjoyed myself (after the flu went away that is).

When it comes to managing your life, never let the important things fall behind. The human connections you have, your link to nature, things necessary for your soul. Take on practices to balance your mind and your societal responsibilities. Everyday should bring you peace, not stress. Enjoy your challenges, but do not let them bury you. Because, in the end, you do not want to look back on your life and regret all the moments you lost because you were knee deep in a to-do list.

I am excited to start the first round of classes for the SAGE program. This is just a small example of what the SAGE program is all about, being balanced. For it is in balance that our intuition flows freely!

For more information on the SAGE program, click here.

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