There are many things I cover in my classes.  One of the most important is the damage assumptions can make.  Assumptions lead to imaginary scenarios in your mind.  This, in the worse case, will lead to worrying what others think of you.  All of this will lower your energetic vibration and cause you to slow down on your spiritual path, not to mention block your intuition.  When you worry about assumptions or what someone else thinks of you, you take your attention away from where it should really be, which is in the moment.  Through years of using my intuition professionally, I’ve learned the minute you make an assumption, you’ve lost your footing.  The true reality of the situation will begin to fall away from you, and you will be left with imagination, not intuition. The truth can only be discovered through curiosity, witnessing and open communication with others.  Standing in silence, assuming what is most often the worst, does absolutely nothing positive for your spirit. It takes away from your life and brings you more negativity than was every really there.  Stay open!  Stay curious!  Calm your mind and center yourself in your spirit. Remember, your reality is within you and unique to you, it is not created by someone else’s opinion.

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