Are We Just Cows in a Field?

Occasionally you will run into a doomsdayer, a worrier.  Someone who puts too much power into the hands of others.  A woman I met a while back comes to mind.  Her questions were as follows:  Why is there not pure equality?  Why are we not happy?  Why are we held down and controlled?  And, who is controlling us?  Finally… the best question of all… Are we all not just cows in the pasture, enjoying our grass and not thinking about when our handlers will make McDonald’s hamburgers out of us?

The answer is yes we are just a bunch of cows in a field!  Moo!  Most people wonder together like cows in a field, doing the same thing over and over and over again.  Go to sleep, wake up, move to the other field, eat grass, go to sleep.  Until bang!  Slaughter house.  But here’s what most cows don’t know… we don’t have to end up as hamburgers in a happy meal if we don’t want to.  It’s the illusion of captivity that turns us into victims.  An authority figure manipulates and controls the cows until the cows fall into line out of FEAR.  This is no different from most societies.

Imagine, for the fun of it, one cow stands upright in the field and yells at all the others, “Hey!  You don’t have to stand here and do the same thing everyday, you don’t have to take it!  Come with me, let’s go!”  How do you think that would go over?  I’m pretty sure most of the cows would say the bovine on two legs is crazy and go right back to their depressing grazing.

The human body programs us to be drones, distracted by our environment, led to stupidity by our addictions.  However, I believe we have the last say, the ultimate control over our programming.  It is in the conquering of the addictions, saying no to the distractions, and stepping out of our comfort zones that we find bliss and the true reality.

When it comes to death, the analogy continues.  At the end of their lives, those who lived like cows in a field were more terrified of the slaughter-house than those who chose to stand up on two feet instead of four, walk out of the field, and go experience what this world has to offer.  We’ve all heard the words “I’m not scared to die for I’ve lived a full life.”  I guess your average cow wouldn’t say that.  This is a good reason to be more than average.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you have the power to wake up!  You have the power within you to see what is truly around you.  Just because we were born a cow, doesn’t mean we have to live the life of a cow.  The challenge is to break out of the stereotype of what a cow is.  Make sure to get out of the pasture, decide no one controls you but yourself, and enjoy the ride!


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