A New Way to Define Productive

The old way to define productive: I am a multi-tasker who can handle many large projects at once and bring all of the projects to fruition in record time.The new way to define productive: I am a balanced, healthy individual who works toward their passions and goals in life.Personally, I used to be an A-type personality.  I know what it means to achieve in the public’s eye.  I know what it’s like to have people look at you and say “Wow, the things you can accomplish are amazing!”  But what did I gain from that?  I received positive feedback from people who, when they were done giving me five minutes of feedback, went back to their lives, not giving me a second thought.  I could have worked for one month straight, 80-90 hours a week, to achieve that five minutes of feedback.  When that was done, I was on to the next project, like a drug that fed me saying “Keep going, when it’s done, people will see your hard work.”  And the cycle continued.Looking back, these major projects I took on were simply to earn money.  They were ways for me to feel successful.  But was I?  Not really.  I discovered there are two ways to measure success.  And, when those two criteria are met, your productivity will be real and actually mean something in this life.

First, what you’re doing, does it feed your core, your spirit?  Are you expressing something you are passionate about?  Are you doing this specific project because you love it and need it or because others will love it and need it?  It is a noble thing to take on a project or job simply for others.  But if it doesn’t resonate with your passion then you missed the bus!  There is a job out there with your name on it waiting for you.  A job that feeds your passion.  Imagine working with something you are passionate about versus working with something you are not passionate about.  Yes, both might help other people.  But just think of what you can achieve when you work in a state of bliss!

Second, determine if you are miserable through the process or you are uplifted everyday.  Are you stressed beyond belief or are you popping out of bed, excited to get back to the project?  How healthy are you?  If this project/job depletes your energy and causes you to barely sleep at night, then it’s not feeding your soul.  If your soul is fed, you will in turn be energized.  You will take care of yourself, be radiant and healthy, and enjoy life!

If there are terms for unhealthy productivity, like “the rat race” or “the grind”, then why are there not terms for balanced, beautiful productivity?  Let’s create some!  Thoughts?


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