Psychic Medium

As an international psychic medium, I have done thousands of readings over the years. I am filled with joy to be able to provide my clients with intuitive information and comfort. Each reading is done according to what that person needs in the moment. I am able to view a person’s life path and provide direction and guidance. I am also able to connect with a person’s passed loved ones to receive communication from the otherside. Click here for information on individual sessions. Click here for information on psychic parties.


A haunting is the effects and behavioral results of a stuck spirit, someone who did not make the journey home. For the living who experience hauntings, it can be unsettling. There are mild cases of spirit activity such as a deceased lost child or sad parent. There are also intense cases of spirit activity that stem from angry or abusive spirits. All of which I work with. I am a Spiritual Collector. It is my job to cross over those who are stuck. I clear properties, land, and people of unwanted spirits and spiritual activity. It is important for the living people dealing with a haunting to regain balance so they can continue to move forward on their life path. Spirits are with us everyday. But a balanced life means only the spirits for your highest good are affecting you. The others spirits, the unsettled ones, I cross over and send home. Click here for more information.

The Death Transition

The death process itself can be difficult for some. When a person is actively dying, they may struggle letting go or settling into the transition. In those cases, I work with people as a Transition Guide to support and balance the energy around the them and their loved ones. Everyone should be supported when they pass and while families and friends are incredibly supportive with their love and care, some wish to also bring in supportive spiritual energy for their dying loved one. While this type of work is not common in our culture, you can find it in most other cultures around the world. Ceremony and community are valuable during the death process. This work is close to my heart and it is an honor for me to do it. Click here for more information.

My Services

Readings – I do in person and phone reading using mediumship and connection to the other side.

Psychic Parties – I attend parties as a reader to bring that special something to your event.

Spiritual Clearings – I clear unwanted energies and spirits from homes, land and people.

Transition Guide – I work with the dying to comfort and bring peace to the death process.

Intuitive Training – I teach others to open up and hone their intuition.

Spiritual Mentoring – I work one-on-one with adults and children in regards to their spiritual path.

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Life is a Beautiful Experience
  • The only way to pass any test is to take the test. It is inevitable.–Elder Regal Black Swan

  • Our motivations in life determine the strength of our intuition. Begin to live a life of honorable motivations and watch your intuition sharpen.–Isabeau Esby

  • Those who dance were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.–Angela Monet